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and $716 billion, even more than ryan or obama proposed, in medicare. i don't know how he does his math, but somebody ought to buy him a $2 calculator. >> governor schweitzer, great to have you with us. >>> the best thing to help prevent crime in cities is to bring opportunity in the inner cities. teach people good discipline, good character. that is civil society. that's what charities and churches do. >> paul ryan and mitt romney say churches and charities are the only antidote to poverty. >>> another is ordering to vote for mitt romney. we'll read the letter where he admits it. >>> and which tape is a better window into mitt romney's window for america, the denver debate or the 47% tape? ahead, my commentary on why this country can't afford to get fooled again. stay top of mind with customers? from deals that bring them in with an offer... to social media promotions that turn fans into customers... to events that engage and create buzz... to e-mails that keep loyal customers coming back, our easy-to-use tools will keep you in front of your customers. see what's right for you at const
. repealing obama care will immediately cost those on medicare more for prescription drugs. for those under 55 years of age, he's going to give you a voucher and let you negotiate with insurance companies. ever negotiate with an insurance company? can you imagine negotiating when you're 85 years old and need a hip replacement? he lied about deregulating the bank industry. he lied when he said that we would become energy independent through more drilling? he lied when he said half of the green energy companies had gone bankrupt. he lied saying president obama's plan would kill 700,000 jobs. americans, we get the government we deserve. it's been six days since mitt romney stood on that stage with president obama and lied for 90 minutes. and currently, polling shows more americans believe him. here's the famous sound byte for you again. >> there's an old saying in tennessee that says fool me once, shame on you. we can't get fooled again. >> that sound byte has a different meaning to me now. i hope it does to you as well. this is mitt romney's america. the rich get richer at the expense of the mid
, and governor romney saying that president obama, you are putting money from medicare, the president saying, no, i am saving money for medicare. which is it? guest: it is of both, and that is what is tricky about the debates right now. both governor romney and president obama are saying "i am going to save the medicare and the other guy is going to end id." romney says he will do it through cuts, and obama says that he adopt the premium support plan, that will bring about the end of medicare. host: what is at present, doing about medicare? -- what is president obama doing about medicare? guest: a lot of it is included in the health care plans, and the reduced payments to providers and medicare plan s that president obama used to bring the rates down, and he does a lot of other things to change the program. he starts a new demonstration programs to change payment systems, trying to change the system from within. host: what is governor romney proposing? guest: governor romney and especially his vice presidential pick, paul ryan, a talking about the premium support plan. at some point in the futur
% and spending $2 trillion more on the military and $716 billion, even more than ryan or obama proposed, in medicare. i don't know how he does his math, but somebody ought to buy him a $2 calculator. >> governor schweitzer, great to have you with us. thanks so much. >>> there's a lot more coming up in the next half hour on "the ed show." stay with us. >>> the best thing to help prevent crime in cities is to bring opportunity in the inner cities. teach people good discipline, good character. that is civil society. that's what charities and churches do. >> paul ryan and mitt romney say churches and charities are the only antidote to poverty. sister simone campbell degr disagrees, and she's next. >>> another is ordering to vote for mitt romney. we'll read the letter where he admits sending it to his staff. >>> and which tape is a better window into mitt romney's window for america, the denver debate or the 47% tape? ahead, my commentary on why this country can't afford to get fooled again. this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil,
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. there are other differences as well. the president is planning on, through obama care, cutting medicare for our current retiree s by $716 billion. i think that's wrong. i think we must honor the promise made to our seniors. i will restore that funding and make sure we protect medicare and social security and one more thing i'll mention, the president's budget calls for shrinking our military by hundreds of billions of dollars and then the sequestration idea the white house came up with cuts it another few hundred billion. the secretary of defense has called those kinds of cuts devastating to our national security. i will not cut our military. i'll restore that funding and keep our military second to none in the world. >> mitt romney on the stump there in ohio opening up there with governor chris christie from new jersey talking about repealing obama care and talking about the deficits that the country has achieved under president obama. we shall see how he goes for the rest of the day there, ohio so important to the romney campaign. no republican -- no republican has ever taken the white house
side politically of the medicare issue which the obama campaign knows and they've got a new ad about that now. let's watch that. >> victims. dependent. that's what mitt romney called 47% of americans, including people on medicare. and what about his plan for you? romney would replace guaranteed benefits with a voucher system. seniors could pay $6,000 more a year. a plan aarp says would undermine medicare. you're no victim. you earned your benefits. don't let mitt romney take them away. >> well, krystal, that's what happens with someone who says my job is not to care about those people. >> it's devastating. and as we've seen from romney's many responses, there really is no response to that video. because it's such a clear window into the way that he actually views the world. and into the way that he actually intends to govern. so you can say i'm sorry, you can say i was completely wrong. you can reiterate what he said in the video which is the strategy to start with, but there's no taking them back because people feel they've got a window into your soul. >> thank you for joining me to
to appeal to a general election audience. but what the obama campaign says is it's a bigger, broader strategy that on issues from medicare to taxes to now abortion governor romney, who referred to himself as a "severe conservative" is now trying to hide that. >> pelley: john, thank you. for his part in a radio interview president obama tried to explain his debate performance of last week. >> pelley: polite or not, the next debate is tomorrow night. it will be between the vice presidential candidates and we'll bring it to you live beginning at 9:00 eastern time and that's 6:00 here in the west. anti-doping officials lay out all of the evidence against lance armstrong. and a girl who stood up to the taliban is gunned down. when the "cbs evening news" continues. piccolo headphonesxels place to sleep little roadster war and peace deep sea diving ninja app hipster glasses 5% cash back sign up to get 5% everywhere online through december. only from discover. get coricidin hbp. the number one pharmacist recommended cold brand designed for people with high blood pressure. and the only one i
person what president obama and the democrats are. they ripped off medicare for $716 billion. and really, weird because shelly's opponent voted twice for congressman ryan's bill and it had the same medicare savings. for the only difference between paul ryan and romney i can figure. i agree with paul ryan and he had to scrap it and attack obama for doing what he did. now look, let me explain this one more time -- [cheering and applause] first of all, the aarp supports the president's position. i don't think anybody believes that the aarp is in the business of wrecking medicare for our seniors. okay. here's the deal. every year or so, a panel of experts doctors and others that deal with all of these services that medicare provides in all the different ways estimates how much they're going cost not just this year but every year for ten years in advance. that's hard to know, isn't it. it doesn't matter if you're albert ion einstein. it's hard to know. they take new evidence every year and make judgments on it. and they basically said look, there's no way in the world we need as much as your
far today, and i agree with you, you don't want obama to relitigate the last debate and i agree he has to attack romney the man. it's not about rearguing the medicare issue as such. it's about revealing the fact that romney has been all over the map on various issues, will say anything on a given day to get through the day, and he has to be unmasked that way. >> well, that's what i would do, michelle. the facts are that romney believes basically that the status quo on health care before president obama came along is fine with him, 40 million people sitting in emergency rooms for most of the day to get some kind of basic care. he does say things like i want the auto industry to go bankrupt. he does say -- or his party does and he supports them, let's not have a law that says you have to get equal pay for equal work if you're a woman. these seem to be pretty fundamental positions he's taken and yet in the debate because his family apparently told him to go softer he was able to mask them. >> and i feel for obama because as lackluster as his performance was, it's really hard to debate som
that guy to make a decision about medicare or health care generally? he will say whatever it takes to get there and it's clear that barack obama is going to give him a good spanking at the next one. >> neera, i think it's going to to come down to what connects with what policies are happening in today interests and feels the need for those policy to be in place to really bring them back from the worst economic hit we've taken since the despregs. >> yeah. and i think you said that the president made that point sort of subtly on this evening bruise cast. what he's saying is, he's going to win because the steaks are so high. this is not about anyone's performance. it's about what they are going to -- you know, on a debate stage or at an event, it's really about what they are going to do aspell, what your plans are and where you stand. and i think the challenge for mitt romney is really honestly we have no idea where -- what his stances are and what le do as president because he changes them all the time. >> that's right. >> neera and thank you for your time tonight. >>> affirmative action at
if they got a lot in common with medicare. here's what happens, president obama and the congress in 2009 adopted a long-term change in the way students borrowed money to go to college. and it used to be for years and years that the government gave money to the banks in the form of guarantees, we would guarantee 90% of the bank loan that the banks made to the students. set ago is side the reserve in case the money didn't get repaid. it turned out the price of the loans went down and the default rate went down once you made the rates down, people could afford to pay it. we started letting the students to pay it at fixed percentage of north carolina. nobody had to drop out of school because they borrowed money. [cheering and applause] what the president did because he knew we needed more people to get college degrees the cost of college was killing people. we dropped from zenned in the world to 16th. the percentage of the people graduated from college until we are almost first in a percentage that go. it's because the cost and people thinking that can never pay it back. it's a big deal. wha
on the phone and trying to watch the conversation on tv. i watched a program last night where obama took a 7 $7 million into programs to try to find the abuses in medicare. and i work with the girls. who would rather stay a victim, you know, mitt romney was right. and we make it very hard. they do not have to report. no one has to report looking for a job. and they do feel like victims. they have a free housing, free medical, they get a check, they have food cards, they get their utilities. and the girls i talked to say, why risk losing that and get married and get a job? so, we have talked to a lot of doctors who seem like they want to have the decisions with their patients and have been approved by obamacare. and also, i was wondering how much did obamacare take from medicare? i am on medicare. like i said, mitt romney was right. they do feel like victims. it is a very scary. host: we got your point. guest: in terms of the cuts to obamacare -- medicare, that is over 10 years, not all at once. it is not to the beneficiaries. mostly specialty providers is where it would come from, not your dail
security, the ryan proposal on that. the medicare issue, the 47% comment that romney made and people were stunned that obama didn't mention that last week. and, of course, romney's income taxes and how he made his money at bain consulting. those are all issues i think we will hear from joe biden on. and it is very different than what biden's pass was four years ago, steve, as you recall facing sarah palin. the biggest challenge been for biden was don't patronize sarah palin, don't bully sarah palin certainly, try to a quarter to a certain degree of respect. i think this is a different time, and paul ryan is a different opponent. >> there's been what some are calling the rebuttal as both congressman paul ryan, republican vice president to nominate and vice president biden try to set expectations for the debate on thursday. let me share with you will paul ryan said on the fox news channel late last month. >> he's fast on the cup, he's a witty guy. he knows who he is and he's been doing this for 40 years. so you're not going to rattle joe biden. joe biden on the national stage, he's ran for
. they are definitely afraid about the reimbursement rateses being lowered and doctors taking them off their medicare coverage. paul ryan needs to talk about the facts and watch joe biden run scurrying, like rats off the titanic. >> greta: congressman, thank you. >> always a pleasure. >> greta: coming up, did a pro-obama group break the law in florida? outraged republicans, accused of infiltrating high schools. what are they after? on the ground in florida. what we uncovered is next. this a rather odd duo. our first lady, michelle obama and sarsars sharing tips. what do they now have in common? meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working tog
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)